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We Don’t Experiment With Our Clients

At Sandman, we believe that our clients rely on us for expert advice. That’s why we’ve made a significant investment in creating a Development Lab, 20 acres located in North Atlanta, where we test processes, materials, soil, grass types and watering techniques – all to provide the best result possible for your lawn or property. With extensive research conducted over the last eight years, the Development Lab ensures that customers:

  • Get the right service the first time
  • Receive the most effective applications of fertilizer and other materials
  • Are advised about specific maintenance requirements for their property

The Development Lab is used as a testing facility to develop new products and procedures that deliver healthy, beautiful turf. Some of our innovations include:

  • The development of the laser grading process to combat problems like unwanted wet spots and correcting grade irregularities during construction of homes or sports fields, before costly mistakes are made
  • The development of Controlled Growth Fertilizer which reduces the need to cut grass by as much as 50 percent
  • Specialized watering techniques developed for controlled growth applications that reduce the water required for normal maintenance
  • Customized fertilizer application processes delivered at the right time for optimal results
  • The development of Deep Core® Aeration which produces superior turf by retaining soil and various nutrients
  • Specialized maintenance programs using reel mowers and custom-designed fertilizer application equipment

For more information about our Consulting and Testing Services and how you can benefit from the Sandman Development Lab, call us today or complete our Online Inquiry Form.

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