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What is Deep Core® Aeration?

Deep Core®® Aeration is a form of cultivation. Farmers understand the benefits of turning, or cultivating the soil prior to planting. When compacted soils are mechanically broken apart, plants grow stronger, healthier root systems. Deep Core® Aeration cuts through compacted soils, removing plugs that are approximately 3/4" in diameter and 4" in depth.

How does Deep Core® aeration help the turf?
Deep Core® aeration creates new pathways for oxygen, nutrients and water to reach the root system. Also, Deep Core® aeration loosens the soil, making it easier for root systems to develop. The Deep Core® method of aeration is an efficient means of removing soil with the minimal amount of soil compaction. Some other types of aeration compact the soil further during the aeration process.

How else will Deep Core® aeration help my turf?

  • increases water percolation through soil profile
  • enhances water retention in soil
  • improves turf grass response to fertilizers
  • encourages deep root feeding
  • releases toxic gases from soil
  • boosts beneficial microbial activity
  • promotes recovery from turf grass injury or disease
  • prepares soil for overseeding and reseeding


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