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Turf Grass Types: Bermuda


Warm-season grass with a fine to medium leaf texture. It is a dark green, dense and lowing growing type of turf through rhizomes and stolons with some varieties tolerating very low maintenance while other varieties produce lawns of exceptional beauty when given extra care. This type of turf grass has an extensive and deep root system.

Recommended Uses
Best adapted to hot, dry or tropical climates and is recommended for residential and commercial landscapes, golf courses, sport fields, parks and recreation areas. This is an ideal turf for families with children and pets.

Temperature Tolerances
Excellent heat tolerance up to 110 F and performs best during periods of heat. However, this is a turf that has a Winter dormancy period and the leaf turns tan to brown at temperatures below 55 F and does not tolerate long periods of cold well.

Drought Tolerances
Superior. Highly drought resistant, but also responds well to irrigation during dry periods. Can go into Summer dormancy when irrigation is withheld and then will return out of dormancy with the return of moisture. Some varieties tolerate the heat and drought conditions better than other varieties.

Shade Adaptation
Poor. This turf type requires full sun for most of the day to grow properly and should not be used in shady sites.

Wear Resistance
Excellent. This type of turf withstands wear better than most grasses and can tolerate heavy traffic and when injured, recovers more rapidly than other grasses.

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