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Turf Grass Types: Centipede

Warm-season grass with a dense, medium to dark green turf and produces an attractive lawn with a medium to coarse textured grass blade requiring very low maintenance.

Recommended Uses
Good general purpose grass for lawns and is best adapted to hot, humid and tropical climates. This type of turf grows well where rainfall is high and summers are warm and humid and is very popular because of its low maintenance.

Temperature Tolerances
Grows well when in full sun and is very tolerant to heat tolerance up to 100 F but is sensitive to low temperatures, going dormant through winter months at temperatures below 55 F and does not tolerate long periods of cold well.

Drought Tolerances
Moderate. This type of turf is sensitive to drought, but does have a rapid recovery rate. Can go into summer dormancy when irrigation is withheld and then upon the return of moisture, will green up again.

Shade Adaptation
Good. Some varieties maintain adequate turf quality in 60% shade and is tolerant of pine tree shade.

Wear Resistance
Poor. This type of turf has a slow growth pattern and will not withstand heavy wear and recovers slowly from injury.

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