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Turf Grass Types: Perennial Rye

Cool season grass that is dark green in color and has a dense and fine leaf texture. This type of grass is known for its rapid establishment rate and produces attractive, tough leaves and low growing crowns that create a stable turf that is easy to maintain.

Recommended Uses
Prefers regions with mild Winters and cool, moist Summers, however, it is highly adaptable and widely used being compatible in mixes with bluegrass and fine fescue to make a hardier turf and can be used for sports fields and play areas.

Temperature Tolerances
Good. Newer varieties have greater tolerance to cold winters and hot summers and are most vigorous when cool and moist conditions exist.

Drought Tolerances
Good. Without water, will go dormant during a short drought, but will recover.

Shade Adaptation
Moderate. Shows tolerance to filtered shade.

Wear Resistance
Fair. Suitable for moderate recreation and foot traffic areas exhibiting good initial wear recovery, especially during the Spring and Fall seasons when growth is rapid.

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