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Turf Grass Types: St. Augustine

Warm season grass with a light to medium green color, coarse leaf texture. This type of turf has a creeping growth habit, via stolons and is very robust. A fast growing type of grass that establishes rapidly with a low to moderate level of maintenance.

Recommended Uses
Well adapted to coastal regions with hot, tropical climates and is used in residential, commercial and industrial landscapes.

Temperature Tolerances
Thrives well in heat and adjusts well to temperatures up to 105 F but goes dormant and turns tan colored during Winter months when the temperatures drop below 55 F. Very poor in low temperatures.

Drought Tolerances
Excellent to fair and has a wide range in drought avoidance among varieties. Can go into Summer dormancy when irrigation is withheld; upon return of moisture, will green up again.

Shade Adaptation
Excellent to poor, dependent upon the variety but does show a wide range in shade adaptation.

Wear Resistance
Moderate with rapid, resilient and stoloniferous growth habit.

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