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Turf Grass Types: Zoysia

Warm season grass with a leaf texture ranging from fine to coarse, dependent upon the variety. The color ranges from light to medium green and this type of grass forms a dense, low maintenance lawn by spreading through stolons and rhizomes. The shoot growth rate is slow but lawns of this type of grass are easy to maintain.

Recommended Uses
Hot, humid and tropical climates can withstand heavy usage and is recommended for residential and commercial lawn sites.

Temperature Tolerances
Tolerates heat exceptionally well up to 100 F. This type of grass is subject to winter dormancy as it turns tan to brown at temperatures below 55 F. Zoysia Japonica has fair cold hardiness, the best of the Zoysia turf grasses, but still ranks lower than cool season turf grasses.

Drought Tolerances
Moderate to good and remains green and resists short periods of drought well. Takes heat as well or better than any other grass and can go into summer dormancy when irrigation is withheld but will green back up with the return of moisture. Some varieties have better tolerance to heat and drought.

Shade Adaptation
Good, but is slow growing in partial shade. This type of grass fairs much better than some warm season grasses in growing in shade.

Wear Resistance
Superior. This is an exceptionally hearty grass and has the best wear resistance of any turf grass. Zoysia tolerates heavy traffic but it is slow to recover from severe thinning.

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