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What is Laser Topdressing?

Welcome to our world of laser topdressing. We can laser drag sand over turf using very tight tolerances, cutting sand off high areas and dropping sand into low areas. The turf will grow through the sand and turf will develop resulting in the following:

  • A smoother playing surface
  • A smoother more professional cut
  • Better density and color from uniform moisture and growth
  • Elimination and control of thatch
  • More efficient use of water resources
  • Increases the efficiency of fertilizer

Our answer to our most common question... Does topdressing level the turf?
No, unless you have a level area to grow turf similar to a sports field. In that case, yes, we can use laser technology to set a beam of light to within a 1/4 inch tolerance per 1/2 mile.

Who benefits from laser topdressing?
Sports Turf, Churches, Residential Parks and Recreation.

Special Note: Sand will not correct bad grading and bad grading is usually due to a contractor rushing the finished product due to weather or budget or a time constraint.


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