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Sandman Professional Topdressing Sand & Soil Amendment
Features and benefits of Erth FoodŽ

Sandman professional topdressing sand and soil Amendment contains Erth FoodŽ that meets USGA specifications as a Root Zone mix for golf greens. A clean washed USGA approved sand is properly screened and sized with Erth FoodŽ organics for feeding and soil conditioning to create a blend that improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil.


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Erth FoodŽ is a soil conditioner with organic feeding - the Natural Choice for those desiring healthy plants and turf. Erth FoodŽ has soil bacteria. Soil bacteria compost is the organic fiber in soil that converts the nutrients to a form the plant can assimilate. The microorganism properties of Erth FoodŽ also assists in plant and turf disease.

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