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TGR (Turf Growth Regulator)


Use what the professionals use on golf courses and athletic fields on your own lawn.

Cut your maintenance time and costs…..
  • Less weeds
  • Less watering
  • Less mowing
  • Less edging
  • Less wear on your equipment
  • Greater density during season and in dormancy

TGR has an active ingredient which suppresses cell elongation . This
dramatically reduces stem growth while leaf and roots continue to grow, creating
greater density and greener turf.

TGR works on all well established lawns of warm season turfs.
Cutting height must be kept 5/8” to 1 1/8”, higher will not be effective. Cutting
frequency must be a minimum of 7 days.

Warm Season Grasses will require two applications during the growing season.
Water at least 1” per week. Continue on the Sandman Fertilization Program.


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