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Early Season Blend (22-0-22) Fertilizer

The Sandman Early Season Blend (22-0-22) contains spring and early summer feeding along with our premier pre-emergents combination to help prevent grassy and broadleaf weed seeds from germinating. This product is most effective when applied during February and watered in for 30 minutes after applying . It is best to apply on a dry turf and then water in. Also, you will want to keep small children and pets off the turf area after watering in the application for 24 hours.



Pre-emergents are chemicals that are applied to a turf area or bed area to prevent weed seed germination. Most weeds reproduce from seed. Pre-emergents do prevent most weed seeds from germination, but there are some weed seed types that are not affected by pre-emergents. Therefore, a post-emergent must be applied to kill these weeds. Our Early Season Blend contains two pre-emergents to prevent broad leaf weeds and grassy weed types.



Post-emergents are typically a liquid chemical application applied directly to the mature weed to kill the plant. Most post-emergents are designed not to kill the turf grass surrounding the weed being sprayed, however, post-emergents still damage the turf plant and weaken the root system. The turf plant will typically yellow, but eventually, will return to a healthy green state. Note - there is one turf grass that is not recommended to have post-emergent applications; that being Centipede.

Special Note - pre-emergents and post-emergents have no effect on fungus or algae that appear in turf typically in the summer months. Only fungicide applications or algaecide applications will control these turf afflictions.


Annual Weeds

Annual weeds reproduce by seed and have one growing season. Once that growing season is completed, this type of weed's leaf and root systems dies. As an example, soft crabgrass is an annual weed. It's seed germinates in the spring and grows to maturity during the summer months. If left untreated, the crabgrass will produce seed and then dies in the fall season. The following year if the turf continues to be left untreated, the seed from the previous growing season will germinate and start the cycle over again.


Perennial Weeds

Perennial weeds reproduce by seed and have multiple growing seasons from the same root system. These weed types must have both pre-emergent and post-emergent applications in order to kill these types of weeds. As an example, clover is a perennial weed type in turf grass. The clover plant will come out of dormancy in the spring and send new leaf growth out from the root system. At the same time, clover seed will also germinate in the spring, developing new plants. During the summer months, clover will blossom and produce new seed. The only effective method of killing clover is to apply a pre-emergent in February to prevent the previous season's clover seed from germinating and to spray out the clover plant in the early spring when it first appears to prevent it from reaching a state of flowering.



The Sandman INTELLIGENT Fertilizer Program contains both macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients.


Macro-nutrients provide the major feeding elements for the plant for both the root and leaf zone. There are three macro-nutrients: Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium. On the packaging for our Early Season Blend, you'll notice a numbering system: 22-0-22. The first number of this numbering system represents nitrogen, the second number represents phosphate and the last number represents potassium.

22 - Nitrogen
Controlled release of nitrogen is one unique feature of this blend. Using Nitroform™ technology, nitrogen is released as microbial populations in the soil grow. Microbial populations grow in direct proportion to the turf's root system. As the microbes grow, they feed on the Nitroform™ releasing the nitrogen to the root zone.

0 - Phosphate
Phosphate mainly helps plants to flower and bloom. You'll notice in many fertilizer for annual flowers, the center number, or phosphate number, will be high. Naturally in an established turf grass, you do not want the plant to flower, produce seed and then die.

22 - Potassium
Potassium provides the energy a turf plant needs to stimulate deep root growth as it transfers food from the growing root zone to the plants leaf structure. In the early spring, your lawn is best suited to a balance in leaf and root growth.


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