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Growing Season Blend (32-3-12) Fertilizer

Now your lawn or sports field can benefit from correct, controlled & consistent feedings.

Sandman INTELLIGENT Fertilizer Program™ Growing Season Blend Fertilizer is based on NuGro™ Technologies Nitroform™. No more guessing when or how much fertilizer to apply during the active leaf growing season. Controlled and consistent feedings provide the ideal environment for deep, healthy root growth and plush green leaf.

Sandman's INTELLIGENT Fertilizer Program Growing Season Blend is the same technology in fertilizer used successfully on golf courses and athletic fields for decades. Controlled, Consistent, Correct feeding of your turf root system stimulates deep root growth and lush green leaf growth during the active leaf growing season.

Another benefit of the Nitroform™ based nitrogen source is residual carryover from growing season to growing season. Since the Nitroform™ is organically broken down by soil microbial activity during active leaf and root growth periods, the fertilizer is only used during these periods. So if activity stops in the soil, the fertilizer remains in place, waiting for new activity to occur.


A fertilizer that you get what you pay for and Intelligent. . .


32 - Nitrogen
Engineered with the benefits of - Urea-Formaldehyde based Nitroform™ for controlled release at the correct rate for continuous feeding.

3 - Phosphate
Residual carryover of Phosphate in our program meets all the turf requirements, so that's why we don't overload the soil with unnecessary Phosphate.

12 - Potassium
Potassium provides the energy needed to stimulate deep root growth in plants. Our Growing Season Blend is designed for application during the active leaf growing season and this level of potassium balances leaf and root zone growth.


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