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NitroBOOSTER 38-0-0


Missed an application in the INTELLIGENT Fertilizer Program?

Do you need to bolster feeding on your athletic field or golf course due to heavy traffic or use? Do you clip your turf with a reel type mower or clip your turf 2 or more times a week during the active leaf and root growth season?

Then NitroBOOSTER (38-0-0) is the blend for you. This premium blend of fertilizer provides additional feeding for turf areas with heavy use or heavy cutting. In addition, it will help your turf grass root system catch up for a missed application in the INTELLIGENT Fertilizer Program.


Use what the professionals use on golf courses and athletic fields on your own lawn.


38 - Nitrogen
Engineered with two forms of Nitrogen - UF based Nitroform™ and a quicker release nitrogen for rapid green leaf growth.

0 - Phosphate
Residual carryover of Phosphate in our program meets all the turf requirements, so that's why we don't overload the soil with unnecessary Phosphate.

0 - Potassium
Potassium provides the energy needed to stimulate deep root growth in plants. NitroBOOSTER is designed for application during the active leaf growing season, so additional potash in this premium blend is not necessary.


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