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Laser Topdressing is especially effective for sports field management as part of our Commercial Services. To create the most effective playing surface possible, we use laser technology to allow turf to grow through the sand. Residential property owners should be aware that topdressing does not actually level the turf, but if you have a level area to grow turf similar to a sports field, then this process can be used.

For property managers with sports fields located at schools, churches, parks and recreation departments or other municipal properties, Sandman Laser Topdressing is a proven method for improving turf surface. We laser drag sand over turf using very tight tolerances. This process results in:

  • A smoother playing surface
  • Better density and color
  • Elimination of thatch
  • More efficient use of water resources
  • Enhanced effectiveness of fertilizer

Sandman’s Intelligent Fertilizer Program is an engineered fertilizer system just like the one used by professionals on golf courses for over 20 years. It’s a powerful combination of controlled-release feeding and state-of-the-art pre-emergents blended for southern grass types. Our featured fertilizer products include:

Each of our special fertilizer blends has been specifically developed for Sandman by one of the country’s leading experts in the fertilizer industry with professional turf management experience.

We do not require a contract.

Sod Installation is available for customers who want to replace turf with new sod. We will help you with the selection of the sod that’s right for your lawn or property. In addition, we’ll develop a sod installation plan based on availability of material, timing for planting and pricing for complete installation service.

Reel Mower Services are available to customers who require sharpening and maintenance services for reel mowers.

Landscape Design Services are available for updating your current landscape.

Soil Testing is one’s best guide in determining the strength of each link in the plant nutrient chain.  The weak link sets the ceiling on the turf’s potential.  A soil test identifies the weak link or links. With a soil test there is no guessing at what your turf needs.  The test will determine the course of action needed for your lawn.
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